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If you've seen the second season of Lost then you'll know what this screensaver is. It's the screen from the Swan station's computer in which you’ll have to ‘press the key to save the world'. Now you can pretend to be Desmond.

Lost Dharma Screensaver a screensaver for Windows that simulates the PC from the barracks that John Locke found and in which you'll have to type in the famous number sequence '4 8 15 16 23 42' in order to avoid the destruction of the island and possibly of the whole world.

The screensaver includes an alarm function that reproduces the sounds of the final 4 minutes on the countdown from the series; you do run the risk of the time running out.

Plus, it contains several hidden functions if you press different letters on your keyboard, including the video where Doctor Marvin Candle explains how to work on the Swan station. All of this makes Lost Dharma Screensaver a true treasure for fans of Lost.
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